Thursday, October 16, 2014

On your newsstands now...

Here's a photo of "A Vintage Christmas", the quilt that I designed and pieced specifically for the 2014 issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects" magazine which is now available in stores, shops and newsstands.

My friend Alice Chancey did the custom quilting.  Isn't it amazing?

I've incorporated my three favorite things when it comes to designing and making a quilt...patchwork, embroidery and wool applique. 

I'm thrilled with the set up and the photography. What a wonderful group of gals to work with.  They are all so thorough, professional and above all else, friendly and ever so positive.

Now I can't wait for the Spring 2015 issue to come out because I have another project in that issue as well!

Life is sooooo darn good!

Happy stitching!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Still Stitching!

And lovin' it!

I've been keeping myself busy stitching away on Leanne Beasley's Down in the Garden quilt.

If you recall, I added my own touches to the first five blocks and completely restitched the largest one, Block 5, after deciding that the original just didn't do it for me.  

The stitching is now complete and here is my version.

I decided to get this one done and out of the way first.  Of the ten blocks that make up the quilt, this one has the most stitching and is the largest block finishing at 15" x 15".  I'm very happy with the way it turned out so I went ahead and prepped all the other stitcheries for the first five blocks.

I started stitching my version of Block 3 yesterday and finished it this morning. It was substantially smaller and had much less detail than the first one so it worked up quite quickly.

Here's the original birdhouse design...

And here's mine.

For the sake of continuity, I will include my redesigned flowers and leaves in all the other stitcheries and will throw in a few surprise elements as well.

I still haven't completely decided upon which fabric to use for the patchwork part and probably won't make that decision until all the stitcheries are done.

So while the turkey is in the oven, there's no better time than now to start on the next one.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy Stitching

I've been busy working on Leanne Beasley's Down in the Garden quilt which I spoke about HERE

I did complete the largest stitched center block but decided to redesign all the stitchery blocks and start all over again after seeing Marlene's version of the same quilt which I spoke about HERE. Even though it was a lot of work, I'm so much happier that I decided to make the changes now rather when I was much farther along with the project.

I've completed the perimeter stitching for Block 5...for the second time...and all that's left to do is the center wording and the bumble bees' wings and stripes. I'm hoping to finish that either today or tomorrow after which time I'll be able move on to the next block.

Here's my version and what it looks like now.  

Of course it has to be ironed but I won't bother with that until I've completed all the stitching.

This was my first attempt following Leanne's original design.

I'm still deciding which fabric to use for the patchwork part of the quilt but that's something that I won't concern myself with until all the stitched blocks are complete.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are just about at the time when our Fall foliage is at it's prime.  There's a chill in the air at night and although we haven't experienced our first frost yet here in the western corner of Nova Scotia, the telltale signs that winter is approaching are definitely around, especially the unmistakeable scent of wood fires burning in stoves everywhere.  

Our fire wasn't lit so Frankie and Ollie had to settle for cuddling on "their" wing chair in the den.

They are so hard done by, aren't they?

Happy stitching!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sharing my excitement!

A few months ago when I received an email from Heather McArthur, the Editor of Quilter's Connection magazine, you could have knocked me over with a feather...and that's no easy task, I assure you!  Heather wrote to ask if she could do a feature on me in their next magazine.

Now really, Heather...did you actually think that I was going to say no?  It goes without saying that I was honored to think that they even considered l'il ole me! 

Quilter's Connection is a Canadian publication that is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.  

Although the exact one has yet to be determined, I will also be designing a project that will appear in one of the 2015 issues.

It's always a thrill to see one's name in print, excluding the obituaries, of course.  *wink*

I just had to share my excitement.

Happy stitching!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Starting Over, almost always...I drive myself crazy.  I'm the kind of gal who very happily skips two steps forward and then before I know it and much to my chagrin, I'm taking ten steps backwards.


Because I'm a perfectionist and I can't be entirely happy unless things are the way I think they ought to be.

Remember the new project I just started working on that I spoke about in my last post by Australian designer Leanne Beasley?  Well, I had just about finished stitching the first block I was working on when Marlene, a gal who reads my blog, sent me a link to her version of the same quilt that she had made back in 2012. Marlene doesn't have a blog so she sent me the link to Judi Madsen's blog at Green Fairy Quilts.

If you want to be blown away, just click HERE.

Did you have a look?  Well now you know why I had to regroup, put my first attempt aside and start all over again...not because I don't love Leanne's design because I do...otherwise I wouldn't be taking the time to make it.


there was just something about the layout and the flowers in the original design that just didn't sit right with me. As an artist, I don't mind a bit of whimsy but I also like a touch of realism. 

The night that Marlene sent me the link to her Down in the Garden quilt, all I did was dream about it.  When I woke up, I knew that I had to make some changes to the original line drawing until I was satisfied with it.  

Here's what I came up with.  

So it's gone from this...

to this...

I am sooooo much happier with this layout. 

Because I'm not a match-y kinda gal, I changed the symmetry of Leanne's original line drawing to an asymmetrical version and added different flowers, leaves and some honey bees!  I left the wording that she used in tact because those sentiments reflect how I too feel when I'm in our garden.

So what does this mean?  I now have to redraw virtually all of the remaining nine blocks so that they harmonize with my altered one.  I'm looking forward to working on them one at a time, when I need a break from stitching. 

Because the nights are getting cool now, Mr. Painted Quilt started the stove in the kitchen this morning.  I'll leave you with this photo of Frankie and Ollie having their first "by-the-stove" cuddle of the season.

Happy stitching!